Wine Shares

Invest in vineyard properties and
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The Concept of Wine Shares

The idea is simple. Shares are acquired at the investment company. This company, in turn, buys and manages wineries, along with the associated land and buildings as well as other necessary facilities that serve the management, including adjacent hotels. 
An increase in the value of the shares results from the rising property and real estate value, the management of the wineries and the subsequent sale in the following years.

Wine Shares

Wine shares: Owning shares of a vineyard real estate

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Investors are able to make substantial gains from shares belonging to big international vineyards. In France, for example, high sale numbers are expected from the major cultivation areas and an increase in production.

In contrast, the assortment of (wine) shares in other countries is rather small. Wine from Spain has been experiencing a positive development throughout the last few years with its increasing quality.

The Investment in Wine Shares

The shares to be acquired in the investment company are so-called ordinary no-par-value shares and preferred no-par-value shares with a nominal value of 10.00 euros per share, which the shareholder acquires at a fixed issue price.

As a result of this participation, the shareholder has a share in the capital (nominal capital) of the company.

Since the company then acquires the wineries/vineyards, the shareholder also has an indirect interest in the property via the company and is thus a co-owner of a winery. Thereafter, the term "wine shares" is coined.

The shareholder receives the earnings from his shares in the form of a dividend in monetary value as well as tangible assets in the form of wine.

The company may resolve at any time at an ordinary shareholders' meeting to distribute the income exclusively in cash or to reinvest it.


The Financing and Investment Plan

The financing and investment plan forms the basis for all investment.
It contains the costs for planned investments, including the estimated costs for buying the real estate itself and the costs for any changes that have to be made in order to use the property for cultivating wine.

The investments will be financed and paid for from the increase in the company's capital.

The financing and investment plan will be made available to seriously interested parties upon request.

The Trade Procedure

The trade procedure is carried out by the company itself. This applies both to the entry of each shareholder in the company and the collection of the subscription capital. Moreover, the establishment and management of investment companies, as well as the entire contractual execution of the planned investments within the companies is carried out by the ion AG.

The investments made will be reported to the shareholder at a general meeting and an account will be given to them. 

The entry of each shareholder may also be executed via a trustee (interposed trust company), if the company does not realize the capital increase until a later date.

In addition, there is the possibility of an indirect investment in the company via the trustee.

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