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Viniculture in Mallorca

Spanish winemakers are gearing up. In Mallorca, the future in the wine business has just begun; the island is experiencing dynamic founding years, an almost "vinous" spirit of optimism. Winegrowing is booming and booming.

It has been recognized that the climate and the soil conditions in Mallorca are ideal to enhance the production of high-quality wine.

There are more and more open spaces which need to be cultivated. A rapid development is taking place. Because of this development, new attractive markets worldwide are opening up to Spanish winemakers and for Spanish wine.

Wine from Spain has been experiencing a positive development throughout the last few years with its increasing quality.

In France, for example, the most important growing areas expect high productions and thus increase the sales.

In contrast, the assortment of (wine) shares in other countries is rather small.

Further international markets are opening up. We are monitoring these markets for future investment.

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